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I really think you should add a sandbox mode to were you can cook for people when they come in like a real restaurant. 

Will there be a part 2? And how many parts are you planning until it ends?

In December they posted on twitter that it would be delayed for a while for various reasons.

Amazing concept, i really like it!

PLEASE make a full version of this game i will do anything

i hope theres a part 2 soon!

fun, I tried to give him an extra for the go, but he closed it up

I absolutely loved this game! It looked and played great and if i ate the food that i cooked, I think I'd melt. I can't wait for part 2 so i can continue to make more delicious, mouthwatering, appetizing, flavorful, tasty, flavorsome, delightful, exquisite, delectable, lovely, pleasurable and exotic food to satisfy my customers. PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3


i really want a part 2!!!!!!11!!!!!!!111111

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Actually, for anyone looking in the comments for news of updates or full releases, the group Pomepomelo apparently had a falling out some time in December of 2019. That means that updates might take months to appear, or maybe never.


The reply to their pinned tweet actually states that they're still on very good terms, just that various circumstances have made it difficult to work on the game. Idk if you meant "falling out" as in their working relationships turned sour, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.


Either way I hope they'll be able to work on the game together again, this was a really cute demo!

My bad, that was phrased incorrectly. Despite the circumstances, however, they're taking a break, so we might not get an update for a good long while. Hope they don't shelve this, though, it was a cute and fun demo for a game that would be really good if it came out.

Astonishing! An absolutely astonishing experience! I only hope that the next update may allow us to enjoy this work of art just a little bit longer.

A delightful experience! Everything about it was superb! The only thing that I'd ask is that you make it a bit easier to skewer the food. c:

the game is fun but 5 minutes can you make a part 2 that is 2 hour

why does the video look like VR

I honestly can't wait to continue playing! 


Oh my god this game is fantastic! The controls are easy enough that it isn't confusing and the story so far is great! Not to mention the audio and graphics!! I can't wait till this game is finished!


A really good but short game, i enjoyed cooking. It needs a sandbox mode.

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played it two times and never gets old such a great game i just wish you could keep messing around even if there isn't a story :(

but i know how hard it is to code games so i dont mind

The audio in this game is superb! I could listen to the fire crackle for hours



I found your game in my recommendations tab and I'm really curious about it. As a YouTuber, I'd love to make a video on your game, but I'll do it if I have your permission to do so.

Have a nice day!

^ . ^


Hi Kimmy,

Apologies for the late reply. 

You are more than welcome to use irori for your youtube video. Let us know if you need anything else from us :) 

Looking forward to watching and sharing the video around.

Thank you!


Thank you for allowing me to make a video on your game! I look forward to playing your game and I'll post my video once it is up!

This was short, but incredibly lovely - the combined effect of the rain and train sounds along with the darker, warmer lighting worked very well to create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere! I also liked the general sentiment of having the player cook and talk at the same time, which reminded me of the manga Midnight Diner/Shinya Shokudo :) The only constructive suggestion I would have is maybe to make it easier to tell  between when something is starting to burn vs it being well done (sometimes the sparkles would appear on the side facing down and so would be harder to see). However, I'm certainly very interested the continuation of this game and wish you all the luck with it!

This was a delight, I cant wait for more. Was annoyed by the time it took to figure out the controls. Lovely all around.


what are the controls bc i cant figure it out on cromebook

Left click to activate option

Me neither


This is without a doubt my favorite game on every little detail was beautiful, from the graphics to the dialogue. I loved every second of it. I can't wait to see more in the future!

played the game and got into staring at the character so long bc she was just so cute,,, I nearly burnt a skewer. Fun lol

so cute! very ASMR~

I would love to just sit there and cook whatever i want and just serve it to customers. i would be so relaxing. i love what youve done so far tho.

I played this with another game and this one was a really cool game! very calming and it had me expecting more. hopefully you push forward with this or keep up the game creating grind.

loved this! even though it's in development, i liked the drawing! i loved how you actually made it feel so calm and nice, and i loved the photo with ...uh, i think ellote, and the people, this was really cool and i loved it, the the rain also made it calmer.


That was awesome! Loved the atmosphere and the characters, (well, character). Would defiantly enjoy to see more of this.


Thank you for playing our game :) We definitely hope to bring more characters, ingredients and different ways of cooking in the future.


Cool! I'll keep a look out :D

Its very dark and hard to see? Any reason why?

Hey thank you for the feedback! 

The scene is set at night and we were trying to rely on the irori as the main source of light. We decided to use the irori as the main source to create a cosy environment. 

Were there any particular things that you found hard to see? ie skewers on the grill or dialogue.

I'll put this in our feedback backlog and review it with the team. 

The preview gifs showing it easy to see but in the game, i barely see anything except for the glow on the fire. Want me to send you a screenshot of what I see?

Yes please, that would help us out.

As for the preview gifs are taken using different camera angles that are not available in the game. Sorry for any confusion.

I got so into the dialogue that I burnt like three skewers. Short and sweet. Perfect kind of game for late nights when you need a talk (or maybe I'm just a weird hermit who's happy with game socializing when people aren't around lol). I'm excited to see more of your work, Nemo. 


Thank you for playing our game :) We're glad to hear the narration drew you in, to the point where you burnt all three of your skewers. 

It was an interesting problem to balance out the dialogue progression and cooking interactions.

Also I can't take all the credit for this game. This is a game made by PomePomelo a team of three Jewell, Zhiming and myself :) 

We're excited to bring you more adventures and characters in the future.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


C: it's always lovely to see videos of our games. It's also interesting to see how you play the game. Keep up the great work!

WOW Amazing

Thank you for enjoying our game

I LOVE this! Surprisingly fun to cut up skewers and listen to adventurers talk about their life.

Thank you! We put a lot of work into those simple interactions and I'm really glad you like it. :)

Thank you :), We're glad that you enjoyed the interactions of cutting skewers and listening to adventurers :). We hope to introduce more characters.

This game should definitely be continued as it really pulls the player into an immersive experience with its cosy, heartwarming atmosphere and calming storyline.  The aesthetics are charming and while the game play was simple,  it provides a fun, smooth experience with the different ingredients to play around with. Hearing about the tale of the traveller really engaged me and I would absolute love to hear the stories of many more. Please keep going!

Oh K1R1A, thank you so much for your encouraging words! We would absolutely love to build the game further and tell a lot more stories through the world of irori!

It's tricky cause we're juggling life and our passion, as most people do, and finding time to work on the game can be hard. But it's comments like yours that help motivate us through hard times, so thank you again!

Cooking gameplay is really smooth and nicely! Nice good graphics and a little but engaging story! Very nice job, do you think a mobile version of it? 

Thank you for your kind words stivens! A mobile version might be possible. I think moving the mouse (L and R clicks) input over to a touch screen can be tricky though. I think we'll focus on making a really good PC game first!


This is the calmest, cutest, most welcoming little game and I want to play it forever ; u ; I seriously just... I just love this with my entire being. 

Thank you ScribbleDemon! That's a very sweet comment. I'm so happy you love the demo. It's huge encouragement for us to build a full game out of it demo for you!

I clicked on the game because my name was in the title, but i stayed for the cute game!

You have a great name! Is it really Irori? Thanks for playing!

Love the game! It's fun, relaxing, can't wait for more content. I'm trying to figure out how to add more to this comment to make it less bland, but I've got nothing.

Aw, thanks Crazy Banana! I'm happy you love the game. Don't worry at all about your comment, it's very sweet. :)


Game was really nice and relaxing, all though i wish there was also music in the game even tho the ambience was nice :)

I wonder what adventures await for the narrator.


Thank you your play through! Seeing you play the demo is super helpful for us when it comes to building the full game. I hope you liked it :) 

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